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Batman The Barbarian Cvr B Dan Panosian Card Stock Var #1

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Lançamento Setembro 2024



(W) Greg Smallwood (A) Greg Smallwood (CA) Various EISNER AWARD-WINNER GREG SMALLWOOD UNLEASHES A BRUTAL NEW BATMAN! In a world where unspeakable beasts slither through silent temples, and sorcerers pledge innocent lives as blood sacrifices to incomprehensible cosmic designs, only one man has the strength of will and brute force required to protect the people who would become prey…the fearsome, blade-wielding Batman! But when the all-seeing Oracle warns him of a looming shadow creeping across the land, he will have to contend with foes that cannot be dispatched by sword alone…including the terrible memory of the catastrophe in which he was made! Eisner Award-winning artist Greg Smallwood unleashes a brutal new vision of Bruce Wayne, shot through with high-fantasy hallmarks and awe-inspiring reimaginings of the classic Batman rogues gallery!

Lançamento: Setembro
Prazo de Entrega: Outubro 2024

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Peso 132 g
Dimensões 26,8 × 17,8 × 0,5 cm