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Plastic Man No More Cvr B Michael Allred Var #1

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(W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Alex Lins (CA) Various HARD BOILED PLASTIC MAN NOIR FROM FROM EISNER-NOMINATED WRITER CHRISTOPHER CANTWELL AND ARTIST ALEX LINS! Eel O’Brian might be a superhero now–but before he was anything else, he was a crook. Until the accident that turned him into the pliable Plastic Man, Eel was bad to the bone…and just because he no longer has bones doesn’t mean that’s not still true. When an incident on a Justice League mission leads to catastrophic cellular damage, Plastic Man discovers he just might be out of time to make amends for the past he’s tried hard to outrun–or to save the soul of his son, who (unfortunately for him) might have inherited more from dear old Dad than just his superpowers… The Eisner-nominated creative team of Christopher Cantwell (Briar, Doctor Doom, Halt and Catch Fire) and Alex Lins (Monarch) brings you the five words you thought you’d never read: hard-boiled Plastic Man noir! And hey, if we’re crazy enough to greenlight that concept, you won’t believe the things we’re crazy enough to do in this book…

Lançamento: Setembro
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